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War Never Ends (Dominion) by Trev Briggs


[I]…Imagine the Universe…[I]

Imagine that the universe is not just a mass of swirling gases, blazing stars and giant spheres of rock. Instead, see the Galaxy as a massive living entity, with its own consciousness.

The Galaxy wants to see its children grow and become as strong and as wise as they can be, but it also wants to determine which race is its favourite offspring and give it pride of place.

This is the story of our Galaxy and how the beings that came to exist in it were created, how they discovered each other and how eventually one race gains Dominion.

[I]War Never Ends[I]

War Never Ends is the tale of how Humanity struggles to ascend into the heavens above.
For in 2076 the world ended, atomic fire swept across the globe and Humanity almost caused its own destruction. Those that remained were suddenly united by a common goal, to survive on their ruined planet long enough, to find a new home out amongst the stars.

Upon the dying world, four characters tell the story of Humanities plight. A warrior, a scientist, a little girl and the evil ever-living Emperor.

With a dazzling arsenal of weapons and Equipment, War Never Ends is an action packed young adult (15+) extravaganza. And the saga is only just beginning.


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This entry was posted on August 13, 2013 by in War Never Ends (Dominion) by Trev Briggs.

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