The Story Reading Ape's Science Fiction Bookcase


The Bleak Door: a science fiction dystopian novel by Christian Baker


What if one day you woke up in a world where everything you loved an knew no longer existed?
A sinister destiny looms over our world, an invisible, deadly one.
The news leaked to the Media. The President of the United States has been struck by a strange disease. While medical experts fail to reach any sort of diagnosis and amidst the anxiety and confusion society is trapped in due to the absence of the most powerful man on the face of the Earth, the vice-president is ready to take over. The world press is witnessing the dramatic ceremony of replacement when, suddenly, the head of the nation reappears fully recovered. US and world citizens alike give a sigh of relief at the return of the leader. It was amid the congratulations and good wishes from his assistants that the Minister of Defense, a long-time friend and colleague of the President’s, could see the “new essence” hiding behind that man when their eyes met. A few hours later, the minister would suffer an “unexpected” death. Even when his thoughts were fading away in the mist of the inevitable, he was dead sure and fearful that soon, very soon, humankind’s fate would change forever.

When the first changes started to take place – odd alliances with enemy countries, new “social laws” of an international scope – a warning alarm went off in his martial mind. Greater was his concern when, through non-official channels, he learned about the implacable persecutions of dissidents, even respectable citizens with a renowned background. But it was the inexplicable atomic attack on little and lesser countries of no apparent threat that triggered doubts: the US President, his life-long and admired friend, Edward Gardner, could not be the same person that was now leading the destiny of the nation. Inwardly convinced of this fact, Colonel John Cardwell knows that the time to step in has come. But what dark forces are controlling the height of power? And what hidden goals are being targeted? He was only certain that, inside the World Security Ministry, on its top floor and amid impressive security measure, an area called The Chamber is concealed. That is where the answer to so many puzzles might lie, perhaps a faint light, a slight trace that might put up resistance. But the place seems to be impregnable. With no option on the horizon, the Colonel and a top-level interdisciplinary team decide to embark on a suicide mission. They know that in the following hours humankind’s fate will be at stake. What these men could not foresee was that the truth to be found would be the beginning of a nightmare.


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