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The Rebel Within by Lance Erlick


After the Second American Civil War, while the Federal Union pursues a world without men by rounding up the remaining males, a rebellious adopted teen girl must choose between becoming a security cog in the elite military unit that took her parents or being torn from her beloved sister and adoptive mom.

Annabelle is a tomboy who lost her parents at age three and developed a rebellious streak against her conformist society even while serving as a cop intern.

She puts herself and her family at risk by helping a boy escape prison.

Then, to protect her sister, she fights the amazon Dara.

Arrested for disharmony, Annabelle chooses to endure training and qualification tests to enter the elite mech warrior program with Dara rather than re-socialization and exile.

Harassed by the police captain who hates her, the mech commander who demands too much, and the bully Dara, Annabelle struggles through rigorous training.

At the same time she’s driven to search for her birth mother and help boys escape the federal roundup.

Does Annabelle have what it takes to stand up to Dara and avoid washing out of the mech program while remaining true to herself?

The final test: a gladiatorial spectacle of hand-to-hand combat to the death with a male wrestler on steroids.


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This entry was posted on June 23, 2013 by in The Rebel Within by Lance Erlick.

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